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The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Jane Liu
January 11, 2021 05:55 PM PST
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Jane is a Senior Talent Insight Consultant at LinkedIn.

We connected and discussed many topics around traveling the world. You want to be inspired and one of your goals is to travel more in life- tune in to this episode. You won't regret it!
Travel Blog and website: https://www.jetlagjourney.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jetlag.journey/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/JetLagJourneyBlog/?view_public_for=104171221601813
Youtube: https://youtu.be/8pAEXTbpDx4

The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Jesse Rothstein (Author of Carry That Quota)
December 10, 2020 08:20 AM PST
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Wow, 100 episodes of pure joy and fulfillment doing this.

Thanks for listening, everyone.

It's been a wild ride and I'm grateful for the impact and the support along the way.

Jesse is a Key Accounts Manager at LinkedIn Sales Solutions where he leverages data, people, and technology to help enhance overall business performance.

These were my favorite quotes from the book.

"Build Trust by Following Through Simply put, your relationship and brand with coworkers will improve quickly when you do what you say you are going to do."

"Understand Your Coworkers’ Personal Goals and Why They Are Doing What They Are Doing This requires recognizing that people measure success in different ways. I have found that everyone has a different internal reason as to why they come to work every day. Many people are focused on making as much money as possible. Some simply want to come to work every day, earn a decent wage, and provide for their family."

"Still others have different desires. My point is that if you can figure out what drives your coworkers, you can then figure out ways to help them get closer to their personal goals."

Say “Thank You” It is a small act, but saying thank you or expressing it in an email or handwritten note is something your coworkers will appreciate."

"While I know during the end of quarter or the end of year, there may be time-sensitive communications and tasks that need to get done, I find that nothing is super mission-critical during “off-work” hours on most nights and weekends. But I still see most salespeople “remaining connected” during these “off-work” hours. Checking emails on their mobile device may only take three to five minutes, but it enables their mind to remain “on” and thinking about work. I would argue that this interferes with their productivity during work time. As a result, over time, these salespeople will actually run into more time challenges because they are working longer hours with less productivity per hour."

"Maintain One Master Calendar for Your Entire Life I have seen people attempt to keep multiple calendars for business and personal, and I find it does not work. Pick a calendar system in digital or physical form (e.g., a notebook planner), and stick to it. Most digital calendars sync seamlessly with your mobile device to help you track appointments and tasks. (I will share my system later in the book.) That way, you can consistently monitor how you are balancing your free time and work time and make sure you are giving yourself the time you need to recharge."

"The bottom line is: you are not just selling a product. You are selling yourself and your personal brand. Thus, if you can tell a story, adapt to different settings, and employ specific techniques, you have an opportunity to differentiate yourself and enhance your brand in the process."

"Reduce decisions. Each day, we are all asked to make decisions as part of our lives. Reducing the number of decisions you need to make each day will enable you to direct your brainpower to other, more important things. Basic decisions like what you’ll wear to work, what you need to pack for a business trip, or what you’ll be eating for lunch can slow you down and hamper your productivity."

You will enjoy this book if you are a business owner or quota-carrying sales professional or if you are thinking about making a switch to being a professional sales rep.

My top ten takeaway from the book are
1. Truly commit yourself to the art and craft of sales and solving problems.
2. Respect and appreciate the journey.
3. Relationships are the key to life.
4. Intentional plan and execute on what legacy you want to leave behind.
5. Mental and physical wellness is the key to long term sustainable success.
6. Mentorship and implementing feedback will help you grow in life.
7. Evaluate what you are about now that we have time to reflect and be with our thoughts more often during this pandemic.
8. Kindness, attitude, and appreciation go a long way.
9. Time Management is the key to success.
10. Eliminate decisions so that you have more mental energy to be productive.

Follow him on: @Jess_Rothstein on Twitter or via his newsletter: https://jesserothstein.substack.com.

To contact Jesse directly, please send him a message on LinkedIn or visit my website, https://jesserothstein.com.

Episode 99: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Lily Youn (Director of Sales - the Art of Management)
November 28, 2020 10:17 AM PST
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Lily is a Director of Sales at TeleVet located in Austin, TX. She now leads a new business sales team on a mission to restore work-play balance for veterinarians providing peace of mind for their clients.

Prior to TeleVet, she was a Director of Sales Development at Cision.

She worked her way up from being a Sales Development Representative to being a Senior SDR, Team Lead, then promoted to Manager of SDRs and then Manager II for SDRs at TrendKite which ended up being acquired by Cision.

She graduated from the University of Texas and has studied abroad in Japan.

These are some of her testimonials as a manager.

"Lily is one of the most hard-working, dedicated, and helpful leaders I've ever had the pleasure of learning from. She quickly rose through the ranks from SDR Manager to Director of Sales Development in just a few short months after she hired me on as an SDR at TrendKite (now Cision). In that time, I quickly learned how to have thoughtful conversations, manage my pipeline, and simply become a better sales rep. Her ability to drive results and lead by example is why I recommend Lily for any leadership role in any industry."

Lily is a fantastic leader. On the SDR team, we were always looking for Lily's feedback knowing that she was a master of her craft and also one of the most successful reps in the history of TrendKite. I’m grateful for my time to work underneath Lily and know she will continue to build great sales teams wherever she goes.

Check out this episode if you are curious about stepping into a managerial role and the skills and philosophy that has helped her promote many of her SDRs.

If you want to connect with Lily, please do so below.


Spotify link:



Episode 98: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Nick Tan(Agency Profits)
November 24, 2020 04:22 PM PST
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Nick is the Founder of Digital Contractor and founded the Agency Profits company.

Check out his Facebook group and you can join his community there.


Nick Tan has spent millions in advertising, Launched over 170 start-ups.
Successfully helped his clients hit 5 & 6 figures

Taken from his website:

So, what’s my secret?
I call it the New Age Agency Method™

I’ve never understood starting an agency the traditional way, hiring a bunch of employees, work with every type of business & have an expensive office.

Worst of all, only yielding 5-10% profit, with thousands spent in start-up costs.

My method focuses on ONE service, ONE niche & ONE solution.
The result?

Almost 100% margins, no employees & totally scalable!

Want to know the best part?

Completely location independent, I’ve been able to live all over the world while running my agency.

I have specifically designed this to help you start your own online business from scratch with ZERO business or technical experience.
What we do and teach, WORKS. It’s that simple.

Here is a bit more about Nick Tan.

I grew up in Malaysia for the first few years of my life and then moved to Canada.

So my family basically gave up everything in order to give me a better life.

Never had much growing up, so my whole life was aimed at having a high-paying job to secure my future.

For a long time, I really believed that this was my only path.

I realized I never wanted to be a lawyer.

So, I quit my 9-5 at a tech company and ditched law school.

I started my own digital advertising agency and have grown it to a point where I was able to travel to 15+ countries in the last 3 years while earning multiple 6 figures.

In those 4 years, I had a lot of downs but a lot of ups as well.

I didn’t have clients for months.

On certain days I really questioned my decision.

I had no choice but to make my business work.

It was either I prove everyone wrong and become successful….or prove everyone right and go back to a 9-5.

With my back against the wall, I was lucky and blessed to be able to prove everyone wrong.

Throughout the last couple years while I was living in Asia (couldn’t stay due to rona...)

I met a lot of people who wanted to replicate what I was doing.

So I started working with people to launch their own agencies.

After working with over 150 people over the last 2 years to launch their agencies, I’ve boiled it down to a simple system I call the “New Age Agency”.


Episode 97: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Prem Itharat (Pi Capital Management)
November 16, 2020 06:25 PM PST
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Prem is my financial concierge and I appreciate all of your help with everything!

Pi Capital Management offers Portfolio Management, Financial Advisory Services, and Financial Planning services. Our niche is the often underserved Young Professional who often can gain the most out of tax-efficient and early planning. Financial Coaching and Education are a key differentiation and we sit down and get to know individuals and families so that we can advise as best as possible. We aim to get you to financial independence through a conversational approach. We stay in contact frequently to ensure that if there are any changes to client's needs or the market environment we can adjust dynamically on a month to month basis. Please contact us to find out how we can help you meet your long term financial goals. ​ We work with clients across the entire wealth spectrum - whether you're just starting your first job or are retired or approaching retirement.

If you want to connect with him below.


Check out his website.

Episode 96: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Aditya Guthey (Career Performance Coach)
November 08, 2020 12:14 PM PST
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Join us on episode 96- Aditya and I discuss relationships, having better relationships through taking responsibility, and practicing communication.

Aditya is a speaker and a Career Performance Coach. The thing I appreciate the most about Aditya is his sense of humor. He knows how to light up a room and carry a presence.

You'll love this conversation if you have ever thought about moving to another country and if you are afraid of doing things that scare you.

This episode will motivate you to go out and try something different.

Check out his Youtube channel:

Here is his coaching website on transforming Engineers into Rockstars.


If you want to connect with him on LinkedIn click here.

Itunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-96-davidson-hang-podcast-w-aditya-guthey-career/id1323403814

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3lZ37k9Sgt4FM8Y4wOiOqQ

Episode 95: The Davidson Hang Podcast (Brandon Ngai interviews Davidson Hang)
November 08, 2020 06:15 AM PST
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In this episode, we switch it up and Brandon- one of my closest friends interviews me.

These are the questions my friends and family have asked me about vulnerability, gratitude, self-development, community, relationships, and work ethic.

I would like to share gratitude for Aditya, Brandon, Edwin, Christina, Jeff, Juan David, Juan Camilo, Mike, Spencer, and Will.

I cried when watching the gratitude video that you have all made for me.

What was your initial motive to start your podcast and start interviewing people?

You’ve completed almost 100 interviews on your podcast so far. Edwin is curious – out of all of the interviews you’ve done, whether it’s lesson’s learned from others or lessons learned from simply interacting with so many people….what are some of your biggest takeaways?

Your sister, Christina, said that your vulnerability has changed a lot over time. Aditya mentioned that it’s one of the qualities he admires most about you, especially since you’re a man AND Asian, both of which don’t usually show much vulnerability. How has your sense of vulnerability evolved over time?

One thing that I find incredible about you, is the fact that I know you have hundreds, if not thousands of really good friends and meaningful relationships. Yet somehow, even though I know that… you have this ability to make each and every person you interact with like they’re the only person in the world. I’m just amazed, like how are you always SO Present in every single one of your interactions?

Someone recently told me, a healthy relationship isn’t a destination, it’s constant work. What were some of your biggest hardships with Sammy and how’d you work through them?

How would you define, being a good partner, or a good husband?

Now that you’re married, what are you currently working on to take your relationship to the next level?

Understanding your relationship with your father. Edwin and I were talking and he had a great question. What does being a good father mean to you?

What is it about Sammy that makes you want to fight through all of the hardships with her?

Work Ethic:
Will say’s that one of the things he admires the most about you is your work ethic. He said he feels overwhelmed when he has like 20 things on his to-do list, meanwhile, you probably have 50 at any time. Between writing a book, sending out handwritten notes, coaching, doing your podcast, being a top performer at LinkedIn, and being a loving husband… how do you manage it all?

In sales, it’s super common to move from job to job… how do you know when it’s time to move on?

Jenny told me you’ve always been a hustler – that you worked job after job since before the age of 16. Can you tell me about where your work ethic came from and some of these odd jobs when you were younger?

What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve taken away from all of your jobs?

You’ve done a TON of self-development, whether it’s Landmark, reading books, therapy, meditation, etc… Even with all of the self-development you’ve done… what areas of yourself, or your life, are you currently focused on growing and developing?

How would you define masculinity and how has it changed throughout his life?

Have you had any big turning points in your life? If so, can you expand one them?

I want to talk about the community for a bit and what it means to you. Can you tell me about the Asian Alliance Program you’ve created at LinkedIn?

Can you share some of your thoughts on Asians in Sales?

Your sense of gratitude is amazing. How does gratitude play into your day to day life?

How do you practice gratitude on a daily basis?

What are you most grateful for today?

What’s next? Anything

Episode 94: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Evan Kelsay (How to Win Mega Deals)
November 05, 2020 02:28 PM PST
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Check out this episode if you want to learn how to sell larger deals. Evan is a Senior Director of Global Accounts at Seismic Software.

Evan and I met through the Sales Success Community. He was a Global Account Executive at LinkedIn.

Check out this episode if you want to sell larger deals and be able to get other stakeholders involved.

Thank you Scott for the Sales Success Stories podcast for the inspiration to help me release so much awesome content from listening to your initial interview with Evan.

These are some of Evan's raving reviews and I can certainly relate to why people love him.

"Evan is the most quintessential example of a "Relationship Manager" that I've ever had the privilege to partner with over the past 10 years of my career.

In healthcare, relationships are the core of our mission and vision - our entire model of care is based on the importance and vitality of the relationship between the care-giver and the patient. The way that Evan approaches our relationship is no different. His ability to quickly build relationships, understand/assess our challenges, needs, goals and then suggest recommendations that are right for Mount Sinai have been paramount to the successes and wins we've celebrated together.

Evan and the entire team at LinkedIn continue to bring forward solutions that not only help us connect with the right talent at the right time, but also more global solutions that will be critical in our quest to revolutionize patient care here in NYC and beyond.

Thank You Evan - while I proudly consider you a partner in this journey we are on together, it's my privilege to also call you a friend. Keep up the great work!"

"I have had the pleasure working with Evan for the past four years. I have seen him rise up the ranks at Vault.com, developing into one of the premiere sales representatives in the company.

Evan has the innate ability to take complex ideas and translate them to clients in a manner that is thoughtful and applicable.

He is a star on the rise and has the opportunity to be true leader at any company that is fortunate enough to have him."

Episode 93: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Dean Karrel and Ben Nussbaum on Mentality and Mindset
November 02, 2020 03:50 PM PST

Check out this episode if you are struggling with keeping your sanity during these times.

If you are someone who is always giving to others and haven't made time for yourself.

This episode about being in Professional Sales. Emotional Intelligence, the good, the bad, and the ugly of being in tech sales.

Many of us think of it as a glamorous job getting paid the big bucks. We discussed why sales is a career that is so rewarding but lessons we've learned from our experience so far and how not to equate your value as a human being based just purely on results. It's an episode about knowing your worth and being of service in the world.

It's a conversation about mental health and why taking care of your mindset is huge because of everything that is going on in the world- we explore this deeply and I'm grateful for both of your contributions.

If you would like to connect with Dean and Ben, please do so below.



Dean is a Career Development Coach and is a Sales Trainer with his own company called The Skyridge Group and Ben is a Mid-Market Relationship Manager with LinkedIn Learning.

Subscribe to my channel if you found the content to be valuable and useful.



Episode 92: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/ Chris Blatnik (Relationship Manager at LinkedIn Learning Solutions)
October 27, 2020 06:21 AM PDT

Chris is one of my dear friends at LinkedIn.

He's certainly an interesting fellow, having worked in international development projects in 12 different countries across (including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kosovo, Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda, El Salvador, the Philippines, and India).

Chris won the Rookie of the Year award voted by his North American peers in LinkedIn Learning Solutions. He was the 2nd ranked performing Relationship Manager in 2020 in his segment and has hit four consecutive quarters with over his quota attainment.

These are some of his recommendations.

"I had the honor to supervise Chris during his time as a Project Coordinator in the DAI Home Office. Throughout our time working together, he displayed an excellent work ethic and a strong eagerness for Project Management experience and knowledge. We worked closely together on an agricultural Millennium Challenge Corporation funded project in Ghana, and Chris was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure every assignment was completed in an efficient and timely manner. He showed tremendous ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously and deliver on extremely time-sensitive deadlines. He was also always willing to help out the team in any way necessary throughout his time as a Project Coordinator, and this made him a great asset to the Economic Growth sector. I would greatly enjoy working with him again and would recommend him for any future opportunities."

Julie: "Chris' professionalism and company knowledge make him a great person to work with. He has a strong sense of urgency while maintaining a realistic, big picture perspective. Chris has a great sense of humor that makes working with him fun and easy."

If you would like to connect with him below, feel free to send him an invite and let him know your takeaways from this conversation.


Check out this episode for tips on how to make Presidents club on consistency, going above and beyond for his clients, and having a service mentality.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/8Kev7QeRiN0

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